Store Technicians

Innovel Energy Services Private Limited

Job Highlights

hooghly, West Bengal


Full Time, Permanent

Job Descriptions

1. Cleaning of Electrical Panel
2. Check if any MCCM,MCB and Cable loose connection or Over Heating .
3. Cleaning of DG set
4. Check Battery Terminal and Battery Voltage ,
5. Diesel level , Diesel Availability and start the DG .
6. Filter Cleaning of ACs by HKs
7. Check functioning of all the ACs and report to SM
8. Check Current taking by all the ACs and document in a Register.
9. Check any water leakage or dripping from ACs and report to SM.
10. Check Fire Pumps working by starting the Pump on Electric as well as DG power .
11. Check working of all the Smoke Detectors , whether Blinking or Not and report if any Smoke Detectors are not working .
12. Check all Fire Extinguishers Expiry status and update.
13. Check all the lights are operational or not , if not then share the detail of the un operational light with the SM.
14. Check functionality of Air Curtain , any Vibration or noise is there or not.
15. Cleaning the Inverter and Battery .
16. Over Heating of Inverter Battery to be checked .
17. Check Inverter Battery Voltage , Water level in the battery , any loose wire connection of the Battery .
18. Check Inverter Battery utilization.
19. Check Inverter Back up in Minutes .
20. Check condition of all Cash Till UPS and Back up .

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